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Season 1 Finale: $50,000 Winner Announcement

Entrepreneur The judges discuss and vote for the $50k winner! This episode is sponsored by Klaviyo. If you truly want to grow your ecommerce business it will only happen in one way—by building real, quality, customer relationships. Most marketing software promises this but will never deliver. Klaviyo on the other hand is different. Klaviyo helps […]

Finalist 5: Jodie Davis with American Cuckoo Clock

Entrepreneur Jodie Davis is the founder of American Cuckoo Clock! Initially a quilter enthusiast, TV host, and author, Jodie began her career into cuckoo clocks in 2006 with a visit to one of the most renown cuckoo clock makers in Germany. Since that time, Jodie has created a successful business from the ground up, making […]

Finalist 4: Amanda Wittenborn with Party in a Box

Entrepreneur Amanda Wittenborn is the creator of Amanda Creation and Party in a Box! Amanda has a passion for parties, and after never being satisfied with off-the-shelf party decorations, she decided to create her own. That idea has grown and she has designed an all-in-one solution to provide on-the-go moms with everything they need to […]

Finalist 3: Kim Meckwood with Click & Carry

Entrepreneur Kimberly Meckwood had a dream to replace her awesome boyfriend who carried her groceries, so she designed the Click and Carry. With initial success on QVC, she has sold over 300k units, but then hit a financial bump and had to return to the corporate world. In this episode she discusses how the $50k […]

Finalist 2: Dave Manley with MMA Bobblehead

Entrepreneur Dave Manley’s passion for sports and mixed martial arts (MMA), and a desire to display MMA memorabilia in his office led him to develop a premiere collectible product, the MMA Bobblehead. Today we’ll find out if he’s got the product and business model to get the nod from the judges to advance to the […]

Finalist 1: Dawn LaFontaine with Cat in the Box

Entrepreneur Dawn La Fontaine aims to capitalize on the $1B pet industry by creating gorgeous cat accommodations that create a safe place for the pets, while also getting rid of the less appealing shipping boxes lying around the house. IG: @the.cat.is.in.the.box YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzn1-VAQ-9famSUy3Qjv3gA Website: https://thecatisinthebox.com Sponsor -Global Sources Global Sources has you covered from your […]

Episode 42: Finalist Selection: Part 2

Entrepreneur The judges deliberate on the second bracket of semi-finalists to choose the finalists who will pitch in Miami. This episode is sponsored by Payability. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have the right product, the perfect Amazon strategy, but all you need is cash? Payability is a financing company on […]

Episode 41: Finalist Selection: Part 1

Entrepreneur The judges decide on the first 2 finalists from the semi-finalists. Sponsored by FreeeUp This episode is sponsored by FreeeUp. Looking to hire top Amazon, eCommerce, and marketing talent? Tired of long processes and turnover from other platforms? FreeeUp is a freelance marketplace specialized for the eCommerce industry that interviews and vets thousands of […]