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Episode 35: Round 2 Extended Pitch: Click and Carry with Kim Meckwood

Entrepreneur Kim Meckwood of Click and Carry is back pitching her product in the Semi-Finals! Website: https://clickandcarry.com Instagram: @ClickandCarry This Episode Is Sponsored By Klaviyo If you truly want to grow your ecommerce business it will only happen in one way—by building real, quality, customer relationships. Most marketing software promises this but will never deliver. […]

Episode 34: Round 2 Extended Pitch: Back in the Ring MMA Bobblehead is Fighting for a Spot in the Finals

Entrepreneur Dave Manley of MMA Bobbblehead joins us for his Semi-Final pitch in today’s episode. IG: @mmabobblehead Website: https://MMABobblehead.com This episode is sponsored by Payability. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have the right product, the perfect Amazon strategy, but all you need is cash? Payability is a financing company on […]

Episode 33: Round 2 Extended Pitch: Will Dawn And Her Cat Boxes Make It To The Finals?

Entrepreneur Our first Semi-Final episode is here! We welcome Dawn Lafontaine back to hear more about her Cat in the Box product. IG: @the.cat.is.in.the.box YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzn1-VAQ-9famSUy3Qjv3gA Website: https://thecatisinthebox.com Sponsored by FreeeUp This episode is sponsored by FreeeUp. Looking to hire top Amazon, eCommerce, and marketing talent? Tired of long processes and turnover from other platforms? […]

Episode 32: Round 1 Deliberation Episode 2

Entrepreneur 17 entrepreneurs passed through round 2 to the deliberation round. Today the judges move 4 entrepreneurs on to the semi-finals. Sponsored by Outlinematic This episode is sponsored by Outlinematic. Do you need high quality, professional graphic design work done for your new or existing product? Outlinematic is a top rated, US-based graphic design company. […]

Episode 31: Round 1 Deliberation Episode 1

Entrepreneur 17 entrepreneurs passed through round 1 to the deliberation round. Today the judges move 4 entrepreneurs on to the semi-finals. Sponsored by FE International This episode is sponsored by FE International is running a giveaway to help e-commerce owners make their business more profitable. They are giving away a free copy of their Guide […]

Episode 30: Okra Garden Supply With Lisa Emerson

Entrepreneur Lisa has a passion for gardening and has created a simple and customizable solution for people to grow the plants of their choice in their own backyard. Website: https://www.okragardensupply.com IG: https://www.instagram.com/FireAntLisa Sponsored by – Avalara If you dread sales tax compliance then it’s time to take advantage of Avalara’s powerful tax automation technology. Avalara […]

Episode 29: Gigal Software With Nicholas Street

Entrepreneur Nick Street, a hard working freelancer in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California. Nick is creating an app to help production freelancers in the industry keep track of all their clients, gigs, and income trends in one easy to use app. Sponsor -Global Sources Global Sources has you covered from your online to […]