5 Minute Pitch Episodes

All 5MP Episodes In Chronological Order

Episode 10: Ivy Maxx With Ryan Ellis

Entrepreneur Ryan Ellis is on a mission to help people get healthier, and sustain healthy life choices by building a community. He is developing products that fit this mission and hopes to convince the judges that he can influence more change with the $50k prize money. Website: https://IvyNutrition.blog Instagram: @Ivy_Maxx Facebook: @IvyMerchandise Sponsored by Outlinematic […]

Episode 2: Buelue with Boris Samardzhiev

Entrepreneur Boris has created a coffee grinder that he believes is durable, portable and superior to the competition. He hopes to convince the judges with his product design and business strategy that he should move on to the next round. Website: www.buelue.com IG: @buelue_ @buelue_grinder Amazon: amazon-de.bulue.com Sponsor This episode is sponsored by Outlinematic. Do you […]

Episode 1: The Cat in the Box with Dawn LaFontaine

Entrepreneur Dawn La Fontaine aims to capitalize on the $1B pet industry by creating gorgeous cat accommodations that create a safe place for the pets, while also getting rid of the less appealing shipping boxes lying around the house. IG: @the.cat.is.in.the.box YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzn1… Website: www.thecatisinthebox.com Sponsor This episode is sponsored by FE International and they […]