5 Minute Pitch Episodes

All 5MP Episodes In Chronological Order

Episode 28: Shea Garden With Jon Ford

Entrepreneur Jon Ford is a firefighter, a family man, and entrepreneur who makes handmade soaps and essential oils. Jon has found success with his business through his Etsy store and word of mouth, and is ready to take his business to the next level. Sponsor -Global Sources Global Sources has you covered from your online […]

Episode 26: JammieSpree With Mayoni Ranasinghe

Entrepreneur Mayoni is a mother and entrepreneur who has created a sleepwear product that is both safe and “gender unlimited” for kids! Mayoni wants to promote equality and empowerment for kids at a very early age, and hopes to create a line of clothing for them that makes all colors and styles available to everyone. […]

Episode 25: Spinny Blocks With Pascoe Bowen

Entrepreneur Pascoe Bowen started a business with his wife Kelly selling children’s learning activities! Pascoe and his wife are very family oriented, have history in education, and want to reinforce children’s desire to learn with a product they feel will achieve this. Sponsored by Outlinematic This episode is sponsored by Outlinematic. Do you need high […]

Episode 24: Trip Wishlist With Taryn White

Entrepreneur Today we are joined by experienced world traveler, Taryn White! Taryn is developing a website that provides a one-stop-shop search engine specifically designed for tours and activities all across the world. Her site is complete with a blog about her many experiences and helpful guides to great locations! Sponsored by FE International This episode […]

Episode 23: Killer Heels With Virve Georgeson

Entrepreneur Virve Georgeson is a self titled accidental entrepreneur! She was a lawyer who stood for long days in high heels, and after many painful days in those heels decided to create a solution of comfort for all women with the same issue. She created Killer Heels Comfort and is pitching today to win the […]

Episode 22: Pure Organic Ingredients With Steve Christensen

Entrepreneur Steve Christensen is with Pure Organic Ingredients, a company currently selling over 650 products on Amazon. Steve is hoping to win the money to bolster this rapidly growing company, and spread the word about the benefits of shopping organic. Sponsored by Zipify The first landing page builder unique designed for Ecommerce. Launch better campaigns […]

Episode 21: My Buddy Towel With Angelyn Myers

Entrepreneur Angelyn Myers is the creator and founder of My Buddy Towel! A mother of six small children, Angelyn has created a solution for the after bath time escape artist – a fun and comfortable towel onesie! The My Buddy Towel – kids love it and it’s effective at drying them off after the shower, […]

Episode 19: PlayingCardDecks.com With Will Roya

Entrepreneur Will Roya is the CEO of PlayingCardDecks.com. Will has a successful business selling playing card decks currently, and has created a box-subscription service which he will be pitching to the judges today. He is passionate about his collectible playing cards, and hopes to win the grand prize to take his business to the next […]