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Episode 12: MayBoo Clothing With Maylee Robbins

Entrepreneur Maylee Robbins is a poised 12 year old entrepreneur launching her 2nd e-commerce business. MayBoo Clothing focuses on comfortable, feminine dresses for girls. She is drawing inspiration from different cultures and designing meaningful dresses. The judges are impressed with her plan, and desire to serve humble pie to her dad, Richard. Does she make […]

Episode 10: Ivy Maxx With Ryan Ellis

Entrepreneur Ryan Ellis is on a mission to help people get healthier, and sustain healthy life choices by building a community. He is developing products that fit this mission and hopes to convince the judges that he can influence more change with the $50k prize money. Website: https://IvyNutrition.blog Instagram: @Ivy_Maxx Facebook: @IvyMerchandise Sponsored by Outlinematic […]